Website Technical Support

Do you need assistance with your custom-coded website? I offer specialized support for websites built without a content management system. With over a decade of experience in web development, I can help resolve a wide range of issues and enhance your website's functionality.

Whether you're facing issues caused by recent updates or changes, or need help fixing visual and functional problems, I've got you covered. I can add new features and functionalities, custom code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, and conduct thorough security audits to protect your site from malware and hackers.

If your website needs a speed boost, I can enhance its performance and optimize code and assets. I also offer database management, API integration, responsive design, SEO optimization, backup solutions, and website migration services.

No matter the issue, I'm here to help. Please use the contact form below to reach out with your specific problem.

Please be very specific when describing the issues that you are having with your website.
Retainer Fee

My retainer fee is $45 for every 30 minutes of service, and upon receiving your inquiry, I will promptly furnish you with a tailored cost estimate to address your specific needs after I have reviewed your website.

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